[edit] Controllable Vehicles

There are 5 types of vehicles. The Runner (a buggy type car) The Lancer (only in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx), the Racer (also only in the Armory DLC) also the Monster (DLC) and is like a Monster Truck, and a Mulciber Mk2 (controllable turret).

[edit] Runner

The Runner is the initial vehicle that all characters get within the first 10 levels of starting the game. One gets an option every time they spawn a Runner of either getting a machine gun turret which does constant static DPS, best used for boss fights like Mothrakk and a Missile Launcher, which does quick burst damage with a small cooldown between every shot that does extensive damage in a certain area. Best used on groups of enemies.

Also in return for a small portion of health, the Runner can run over any enemy and instantly kill it, but the bigger and tougher the enemy is the more damage the vehicle takes and is not recommended at all on the second playthrough. The Runner's health regenerates over time like a shield, but this does not condone recklessness with this vehicle. Once it is dead, you are alone in the water unless you go back to a vehicle station to get another Runner from Scooter, who gives you this vehicle via transportation at the station Catch-A-Ride.

Two Runners engage in intense combat.

[edit] Mulciber Mk2

This vehicle is generally controlled by Bandits and is also run by Krom in the boss fight with him. The turrets themselves could be destroyed or the controller themselves can be taken out, and the turret taken over and used for ones own uses. There are two types of turrets like the Runner's, Gatling (MG) and Missile (Projectile) and have enhanced targeting systems compared to the Runner. Do not try to dodge these missiles at any range with much success in mind. They are best taken down from range with the auto-target feature from the Runner, or from going close and sniping the owner from behind cover.

A Gatling Turret

[edit] Color Options

There are quite a few color options such as

Name Color
Blaster Master Red
Blue Sky Blue
Vehicle X Red and Black
Range Racer Brown
Flamingo Pink and Purple
Fuego Yellow
General Flee Orange
Mean Green Green

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