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The Vaults

[edit] About the Vault

The Vault is said by some to be a place where one could have infinite wealth, power, and women. It is also said, by some, to be just a myth and nothing more. It is a snowy, desolate area, protected by various types of Eridian Guardians. There are Crimson Lance who have gone there in search of wealth with Commandant Steele also fighting the Guardians. The symbol for the Vault is also the logo for Borderlands.

[edit] The Plot

Your character is an adventurer in search of The Vault and through your journey meet a lot of NPCs and beasties along the way. As you go through the campaign you find Vault Key pieces with the help of a comforting voice known as the Guardian Angel. After Commandant Steele unlocks The Vault door, she and the Crimson Lance are killed by the creature which emerges from the vault. You find out the Guardian Angel had chosen you to kill this creature, which is known as The Destroyer, and that the rumors of infinite wealth in the vault were not true.

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