Hey, Im Craftyboy.

Im in love with all Shooting games on Xbox. If you ever need me I am almost always willing to take the time to help you out on an Achievment. With the exception of Blood Harvest on Expert (Left 4 Dead), Endure (ODST), Deja-Vu(ODST), and and the two larger colloseums on Borderlands. On thr weekends I am 99.9% willing to help get the Hell Burbia.

Just hit me up,names AlleyCrawler. I would advise not joining the parties I am in but send me a message and set up your own... my friends dont really like talking to people they dont know personally.

Current Project: Filling in all the information needed to get the two Achievment/Trophy; Made in New Haven, and Made in Fyrestone. Any help is greatly appreciated!