The Final Piece

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It is the last mission for Vault key fragments and is pretty hard. Also see Baron Flynt.

[edit] Objectives

  • Bandit Patrols Killed 0/5
  • Thor infiltrated 0/1
  • Baron Flynt Killed 0/1
  • Vault Key Piece 0/1

[edit] Location

Salt Flats

[edit] Strategy

  1. Head outside of Thor and kill the Bandit patrols.
  2. Go inside Thor and kill the bandits in you way then head up the elevator for the boss battle.
  3. Start by killing the enemies that pop up then kill the next ones until you get to Hanz and Franz.
  4. They are opposites one is like a Psycho and the other is like a Bruiser except stronger.
  5. When you can get to Baron don't be rushed his gun is a shotgun and can kill you in one fire because of burst so keep your distance.
  6. After you kill Baron head up to his thrown and open the glowing green thing.
  7. You will get a message from Commandant Steele that Patricia Tannis betrayed you and that the key piece is fake.
  8. She cuts of ECHO Network and the Guardian Angel loses vision.
  9. Be careful Thor is surrounded by The Lance.
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