The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In
Name The Doctor Is In
Level 2
Difficulty Normal
Rewards 48XP
Given By Dr. Zed
Location Fyrestone

Open Building 03 in Fyrestone, and meet Dr. Zed.

[edit] Objectives

  • Building 03 open: 0/1
  • Dr. Zed talked to: 0/1

[edit] Walkthrough

"I thought I was a goner that time! Damn bandits won't leave us alone. Had to lock the place up tight and now the damn door won't open. Blasted circuits are on the fritz again. Give it a go from the switch out there, would ya?"

This mission is fairly simple. Providing you haven't ran off around Fyrestone searching for loot (there's time enough for that later) you should be standing behind Claptrap. He explains to you that the diamond on your compass points to your waypoint. Next to Claptrap you will see an electronic panel flashing green. Walk up to it and activate it. You will see a cut-scene introducing Dr. Zed, once it is over walk up to Dr. Zed and talk to him to turn the mission in.

Once you have handed in the mission and started the next you should explore Fyrestone for loot. There are some lockers in Dr. Zed's building. When you exit the building turn right and search the back of Fyrestone for more loot, keeping an eye out for skag vomit.

[edit] Completion

"Thanks fer openin' her up again. Name's Zed. They still call me 'doctor;, even though they don't let me cut on folks anymore. I keep the med vendors 'round here up and runnin;. From the vendors you can buy all the healin' you could ever want from a real doc."

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