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Name Sledge
Area Headstone Mine
Abilities A Sledge hammer and his own shotgun.
Critical Hit Point Head

[edit] About Sledge

Sledge can be found in Headstone Mine, he is one of several leaders of the Bandits. He is a big, scary beast of a man and has two weapons, a Sledge hammer and his own shotgun know as Sledges Shotgun, he also has a very powerful shield which recharges quickly. When fighting him there will be various other bandits in the area, use these for Second Wind, when fighting Sledge, it is advised you stay well away from him and shoot him in the head with a powerful sniper, or just shoot at him with SMGs or assault rifles, after killing him a chest will drop with money and a Vault Key piece in it. Sledge is the head "dog" for the Arid Badlands.

[edit] Member Strategies

Strategy from tallteen86 13:46, 6 March 2010 (UTC)
First off, it's important to know that while his shotgun is fairly strong, it has terrible accuracy (0.0%), so unless you focus on close quarters combat, you would do well to try to keep your distance, since Sledge moves slowly. Considering this, assault rifles are probably overall the best idea. They don't require you to get too close for decent accuracy like SMGs or Repeaters, but also don't require you to reduce your mobility a lot like Snipers do.

Run around corners to recover health and shield whenever necessary, as well as when he tries to do his hammer slamming attack (he tends to do it if you get too close). Naturally, try for headshots as they do extra damage.

His shield can be a problem, so I suggest you throw a grenade to weaken the shield (a single decently aimed grenade SHOULD set his shield to 0).

Personally, I use my favourite high damage weapon type, the double/steel anarchy series of SMGs. Not very accurate, but at close range the bullet spray is like a shotgun, but I find it tends to do more damage. I just get his shield off (grenade), phasewalk (I use Lilith) up behind him, and then spray the SMG at his face, which would cause multiple criticals in short order. I then retreat before he can do too much damage to me, assuming he isn't weakened to the point another clip would kill him.

Be aware of his minions. They're nowhere near as strong as him, but you don't want them harassing you either. Since as mentioned, Sledge is slow, you might make the choice to deal with the underlings first.

However, another strategy would be to keep one of the underlings alive (weakened perhaps), in case you need to second wind.

Please keep in mind that different strategies work for different people, so if one thing doesn't work out for you, try something else!


Oh, and something else... If you have a shock weapon, any shock weapon, even something really weak, use it and his shield goes down 4-5 shots. I used a static SMG, 17 damage i think and x2 shock, crap weapon but destroys shields.

Remember to do all side missions first!

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