Skags At The Gate

Skags At The Gate
Name Skags At The Gate
Level 2
Difficulty Normal
Rewards 144XP, $313
Given By Dr. Zed
Location Fyrestone

Kill skags and return to Dr. Zed.

[edit] Objectives

  • Skags killed: 0/5

[edit] Walkthrough

"Outside of Fyrestone, just past the gate and across the road, you'll find several skag dens. A skag is a vicious four-legged creature, and they'll eat anything, including you. I wanna know if you can handle yourself in a fight against some of these beasts, so head on out there and kill some of 'em for me. If you're still in one peace, the c'mon back."

Once you've searched Fyrestone for loot head back over to Dr. Zed's building and follow Claptrap. If Claptrap isn't by the door he's probably just round the South-West corner waiting for you. Follow Claptrap until some Bandits drive past and shoot a rocket at Claptrap, which effectively knocks him out.

At this point a few bandits will start attacking you from the gate. Dive for cover behind the small shack to your right and try to pick each bandit off one by one. There should only be about 4 bandits to take care of. Once you've killed them all Dr. Zed, then the Guardian Angel will contact you through the Echo Communication Device. This will trigger another mission; 'Claptrap Rescue'. As you need him to open the gate for you, you must do this mission first. Click the link to follow the walkthrough of that mission then return here to complete 'Skags At The Gate'

Now you've repaired Claptrap he'll run up and open the gate. As you exit the gate you will see what looks like a small opening to a cave straight ahead. This is a skag den. Approach it and you will see a skag walking around, you need to kill 5 of these and once you attack one more will appear from the cave. Make sure you check your back and try to keep facing the den at all times.

The weakspot of the skag is it's open mouth, so for maximum damage wait until they open their mouths before you shoot. There should only be 5 skags. once you have killed all five return to Dr. Zed to hand in. You should pick up any items dropped and break any piles of skag vomit for loot. If you've lost your way back to Dr. Zed use the compass at the bottom of the screen and follow the diamond.

[edit] Completion

"I guess those skags didn't give you much trouble, eh? You clearly know how to handle a gun. That's good, real good. You're gonna need it, ;cause I've got somethin' else for you to help me with."

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