Rootinest, Tootinest, Shootinest

Rootinest, Tootinest, Shootinest
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On Neoseeker Rootinest, Tootinest, Shootinest

Kill 5 Rakk in under 10 seconds

[edit] How To

The easiest method of unlocking this achievement is by playing as Lilith or Roland, finding a Rakk nest (they look like large grotesque mounds. You are sent to one in the mission Get the Flock Outta Here), and using your Action Skill. With Roland, simply setting up your Scorpio Turret can easily unlock the achievement. Given the turret's perfect aim and the Rakk's low health, it quickly takes down many rakk effortlessly, though you may want to kill a few yourself to make sure you get enough of them. With Lilith, simply entering and exiting phase walk quickly as a group of rakk swoop down on you can instantly kill the entire group, unlocking the achievement.

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