Road Rage Psycho

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Roid Rage Psycho
Name Roid Rage Psycho
Area Sledge's Safehouse
Abilities Melee and Grenades, he also has Midgets which fight with him.
Critical Hit Point Head

The Roid Rage Psycho is located in Sledge's Safehouse and is pretty easy if you know what you are doing.

He is Sledge's guard for the key at the top his mine and the strange thing is Sledge...created him in, a lab. Strange but true he is similar to a brute.

[edit] Strategy

It is pretty simple ignore the Midgets but, if you want, have all of them follow you, then throw a grenade.

Aim for his head, this may sound hard but it isn't, just aim at the top of his body it is like trying to hit a giant boulder.

And watch out for his grenades because they take a chunk out of your health.

One last thing try not to get intimidated by him his size he is scary but he is not hard.

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