[edit] Psycho

Psychos are one of the main enemies in Borderlands.

[edit] Aesthetic Features

Psychos wear masks of the vault on their faces, showing that the vault has driven them mad. They are shirtless with roughed up trousers and bandages around their arms, with a glove on their right hand. Occasionally they may have tattoos or small pieces of armour.

[edit] Variants of Psycho

There are many different variants of psychos in Borderlands. They are: -Burning Psycho -Badass Psycho -Midget Psycho -Psycho Zombie -Psycho-Trap

[edit] Krieg

Krieg is a playable DLC Psycho in Borderlands 2.

[edit] Movements

Psychos always will run towards you and wildly swing their buzz axe at you. If you move at the last second, their attacks can be dodged, and they can be taken out easily as they have little health.

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