Patricia Tannis

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Patricia Tannis
Name Patricia Tannis
Gender Female
Race Human

[edit] About Tannis

Tannis came to Pandora for research, with many other colleagues, but as you travel around Pandora, and find her audio diaries, it is clear they were all killed during the exploration. She now lives near and studies Eridian ruins in the Rust Commons West, she plays a big role in the story. Tannis is the person who guides you to The Vault keys and has been on Pandora for a while researching it. She has also found that The Vault can only be opened every 200 years.

And this is that year.

[edit] Plot Involvement

She is like I said the guide to The Vault.

You first meet her and she asks you to go to Crazy Earl's for he has a vault key piece there, but, Krom takes his piece so you then have to take down Krom.

She then tells you to go to Jaynistown and do a favor for whatever Taylor Kobb wants. It turns out Taylor was just using you to become king of Jaynistown you take him down and get the next piece from the Rakk Hive.

You return and she asks you to go save her Claptrap you return the mission to the Claptrap and she asks you to go to the Salt Flats for the final piece from Baron Flynt. You take down Baron and found out she has betrayed you by Commandant Steele. You go to find some answers and she says she had to betray to the fact she was forced to hand to Vault fragments over. She says after a series of missions "Take the bitch down" referring to Steele. So you go take her down "hole right here" go back to Tannis and give her The Vault fragments.

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