Name Mordecai
Class Hunter
Active Ability Bloodwing
Skill Trees Sniper, Rouge, Gunslinger

Mordecai's reason for traveling to Pandora is to find a man he knew from his past named Yujinny, who he later finds out is dead which leads Mordecai to search for the cause of Yujinny's death and what he was carrying at the time.

Some sources say that the man that Mordecai is searching for is Demosthenes, not Yujinny. Demosthenes was an Athenian orator that tried to unite his people against the Macedonians but ultimately committed suicide.

At the age of 17, Mordecai participated in and won a Interplanetary Sharpshooting competition with a revolver, although other competitors were using sniper rifles. He was often accused of cheating, and was later banned for unsportsmanlike conduct. Though it was reported that this behavior had not occurred until after he had been accused. Mordecai travels to Pandora in search of "everything the universe owes him", as he likes to say. Mordecai thinks that the acceptable reward would be a powerful sniper rifle and ultimate wealth. Mordecai is obviously a perfectionist due to his effective use of the sniper rifle - his precise aiming and general sniper skill is best suited for those who like to hold back and attack from afar.

Action Skill: Bloodwing

Mordecai Throws his pet bird that attacks the nearest foe

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