There are lots of missions in borderlands the only reason borderlands somewhat has a story is because of these it is a big part of the game.


Story Missions (In order from time getting them)

-Fresh Off the Bus (Level 2)

-The Doctor is In (Level 2)

-Skags At the Gate (Level 2)

-Claptrap rescue (Level 2)

(sorry no CPU slot)

-Fix're Upper (Level 2)

-Blinding Nine Toes (Level 3)

-Nine Toes: Meet T.K. Baha (Level 3)

-Nine Toes: T.K.'s Food (Level 3)

-Got Grenades? (Level 2

-Nine Toes: Take Him Down (level 4)

-Nine Toes: Time to Collect (Level 7)

-Job Hunting (Level 7)

-Catch-A-Ride (Level 7)

-Bone Heads Theft (Level 10)

-The Piss Wash Gate Hurdle (Level 10)

-Return to Zed (Level 10)

-Sledge: Meet Shep (Level 10)

-Sledge: The Mine Key (Level 10)

-Sledge: To the Safe House (Level 14)

-Sledge: Battle For the Badlands (Level 17)

-Leaving Fyrestone

Side Missions (From order on bounty board or NPC)

-T.K. Has more work (Level 10)

-T.K.'s Life and Limb (Level 7)

-By the Seeds on your pants (Level 9)

-Get the Flock Outta here (level 10)

-What Hit the Fan? (Level 10)

-Why Are They Here? (Level 7)

-Get a Little Blood on the Tires (Level 10)

-The Hidden Journal: The Arid Badlands (Level 13)

-Shock Crystal Harvest (Level 15)

-Scavenger: Sniper Rifle (Level 12)

-The Legend of Moe and Marley (Level 15)

-Scavenger: Combat Rifle (Level 15)

-Schemin' That Sabotage (Level 18)

-Product Recall (Level 15)

-Find Bruce McClane (Level 15)

-Circle of Death: Meet and Greet (Level 12)

-Circle of Death: Round 1 (Level 12)

-Circle of Death: Round 2 (Level 15)

-Circle of Death: Round 3 (Level 18)

Dahl Headlands Missions


-Getting Lucky (Level 18)

-Powering the Fast Travel Network (Level 20)

-Road Warriors: Hot Shots (Level 18)

-Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypses (Level 20)

Side Missions

-Big Game Hunter (Level 20)

-Death Race Pandora (Level 20)

-Fuel Feud (Level 18)

-Scavenger: Revolver (Level 20)

-Well There Your Problem Right There (Level 18)

-Ghosts of the Vault (Level 20)

New Haven


-Power to the People (Level 20)

-Seek Out Tannis (Level 21)

-Jaynistown: Gets What's Coming to You (Level 27)

-Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences (Level 27)

-Jaynistown: Cleaning up Your mess (Level 29)

Side Missions

-Jack's Other Eye (Level 23)

-Middle of Nowhere No More: Investigate (Level 24)

-Relight the Becons (Level 27)

-Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven (Level 28)

-Firepower: All sales are Final (Level 21)

-Firepower: Market Correction (Level 21)

-Firepower: Plight of the Middle Man (Level 23)

-Up to Our Ears (Level 21)

-Scooter's Used Car Parts (Level 21)

-Is T.K. O.K.? (Level 21)

-I've Got a Sinking Feeling (Level 27)

-Like a Moth to a Flame (Level 21)

-Scavenger: Submachine gun (Level 21)

-King Tossing (Level 21)

-Corrosive Crystal Harvest (Level 21)

-Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West (Level 23)

-Missing Persons (Level 24)

-Two Wrong makes a Right (Level 25)

-Wanted: Fresh Fish (Level 27)

-Dumpster Diving For Great Justice (Level 27)

Rust Commons East


-Another Piece of the Puzzle (Level 25)

-Jaynistown: A Brother's Love (Level 27)

-Jaynistown: Spread the Word (Level 27)

Side Missions

-Middle of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really? (Level 24)

-Middle of Nowhere No More: A Small Favor (Level 24)

-Middle of Nowhere No More: Scoot on Back (Level 24)

-Alter Ego: Burning Heresy (Level 24)

-Alter Ego: The New Religion (Level 27)

-Alter Ego: Godless Monsters (Level 29)

-A Bug Problem (Level 27)

-Hidden Journal: Rust Commons East (Level 26)

-Scavenger: Shotgun (Level 24)

-Scavenger: Machine Gun (Level 30)

-Circle of Slaughter: Meet and Greet (Level 26)

-Circle of Slaughter: Round 1 (Level 26)

-Circle of Slaughter: Round 2 (Level 29)

-Circle of Slaughter: Round 3 (Level 28)

-Bait and Switch (Level 27)

-House Hunting (Level 27)

-Green Thumb (Level 29)

Earl's Scrapyard

All Mission's

-Get Off My Lawn! (Level 22)

-Today's Lesson: High Explosives (Level 22)

-Hair of the Dog (Level 23)

-Earl Needs Food...Badly (Level 25)

-The Next Piece (Level 25)

-Earl's Best Friend (Level 27)

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