Get A Little Blood on the Tires

[edit] Achievement

Get A Little Blood on the Tires
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On Neoseeker Get A Little Blood on the Tires

Kill 25 enemies by ramming them with any vehicle

[edit] How To

This achievement is quite easy to attain. Simply obtain a vehicle and go driving around. Early on in the game (at around level 12) players should gain access to vehicles, get one and go near the entrance to the Fyrestone Bounty Board and roll over the Pup Skag, that should get at least 10 kills. From there, go the right towards a jump area (over a small stream) and continue driving. This should lead to several Skag dens which spawn Skag Whelps and Spitter Skags.

When dealing with relatively low level Skag, one hit usually takes them out.

[edit] Mission

This mission serves the purpose of incentive to unlock the achievement, go around and run people. This mission gets you almost half way to completing the Achievement.


Roadkill 0/10


Arid Badlands


Just go around in your vehicle running over anything you see pretty straight forward.

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