Fresh Off The Bus

Fresh Off The Bus
Name Fresh Off The Bus
Level 2
Difficulty Tough
Rewards -
Given By Guardian Angel
Location Fyrestone

Follow Claptrap into Fyrestone.

[edit] Walkthrough

"A mysterious, disembodied woman spoke to you and told you to follow this little robot into town. That seems like the best course of action, for now."

You'll step off the bus and see Claptrap coming towards you. He'll introduce himself and give you an Echo Communication Device. This will display your HUD and you will equip a low-quality gun; a CR20 Rusty Machine Gun for Roland, a GGN Old Sniper for Mordecai, an SG11 Busted Shotgun for Brick and a TEK2 Simple SMG for Lilith.. Claptrap will then take you to the New-U station where you can change the appearance and name of your character. At this point the game will save automatically. The New-U stations will later allow you to redistribute skill points. Claptrap also informs you that if you happen to suffer any injury (i.e. die) you will return to the nearest New-U station, effectively using them as checkpoints.

Once Claptrap has shown you the New-U station he asks you to follow him to the North gate of Fyrestone. You should search the starting area first for any money, guns or ammo. You will find these in anything with a green light; from a safe to a toilet bowl. However, in this area you will only find guns in dumpsters. You will also find red chests (the first found on the roof of the hotel), which always hold weapons, grenade mods or shields.

The easiest way to get onto the roof of the hotel is to go round the back and jump onto the generator then straight onto the roof. The chest usually holds two weapons which are most likely more powerful than your initial weapon. Once you are satisfied with your hunt you should return to Claptrap at the gate. At this point a bandit raiding party will arrive.

The best method of taking these out is to use the ruins to your left as cover. This enables you to single out each bandit one by one. If you are using an accurate weapon such as a repeater it is best to aim for the headshots to score high critical damage, if you are using a low accuracy weapon such as a shotgun it's best to aim for the center of the body for the most damage.

After you have taken out the first five or six bandits, Claptrap stops at another red chest. This chest contains two repeater pistols. You will notice that each manufacturer has a specialty; The Torgue deals extra damage, the Hyperion has superior accuracy, the Vladof has a faster fire rate and the S&S Munitions offers an extended magazine. You should take these weapons as even if they aren't as good as your current ones you can sell them at a vendor later on.

Follow Claptrap and duck under a small clearing in the wall, then jump over the small wall. You will encounter more bandits, as you shoot through them keep an eye out for green lights and piles of skag vomit which you can break to find items. There is also a grey chest at the westernmost point of the area containing a large quantity of ammo.

[edit] Completion

"You followed Claptrap into Fyrestone, and soon found yourself in a firefight with the local bandits. If you can find a survivor, maybe he'll be able to help you on your way to finding the Vault."

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