Dr. Ned

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Dr. Ned, the alter-ego of Dr. Zed, is the antagonist in the The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned expansion responsible for the mass zombie outbreak on the island. He appears exactly as he does in Fyrestone, but with a large fake mustache to hide his identity. He has also changed the medical vending machines throughout the zombie expansion to display "Dr. Ned" instead of "Dr. Zed" by taping an N over the Z on each one.

[edit] The Character

Dr. Ned was originally tasked with keeping the workers of Jakob's Cove alive. However, he did his job a little too well - creating the Zombies and other various abominations that now roam the land. The character looks just like Dr. Zed with a moustache - it is implied throughout the story he is Dr. Zed, and tries to hide his identity - badly.


Dr.Ned in the end of the DLC turns out to be the boss in which you kill and then comes back as a Zombie!

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