Dead Haven

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Dead Haven is a location from The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLC that can be traveled to by boat from a pier in Jakob's Cove. It is primarily identical to Old Haven except with barricaded streets and an overall creepier atmosphere. The main use of this area in the story is to contact Jakobs and receive orders to assassinate Dr. Ned before he goes too far.

This is one of the better places in Borderlands to train. There seems to be countless ammount of enemies just appearing out of nowhere and give a nice hunk of expierience too, made easier by the high grounds with single staircases allowing you to hold a chokepoint and mow them down as they try and get through There is also multiple places in this level where you can find weapon crates which will give you some pretty cool items.

[edit] Enemies

This area is home to Lance Zombies, Zombies and Tankensteins.

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