Commandant Steele

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Commandant Steele
Name Commandant Steele
Gender Female
Race Human/Siren
Faction Crimson Lance
Title Leader of the Crimson Lance

Commandant Steele is the female leader of the Crimson Lance, the military group behind the Atlas Corporation, and the main antagonist of Borderlands. She is first met after the battle with Sledge. Steele acts as an impediment to progress throughout the game by sending members of the Crimson Lance to slow your character and to try and steal the Vault pieces/keys from you, in the name of the Atlas Corporation. When the three Vault key pieces are united and the portal to the Vault forms, Steele rejoices but is quickly killed by a tentacle of The Destroyer.

Due to her clothing style and tattoos, it is suspected that Commandant Steele may be one of the six Sirens supposed to be in existence during the events of Borderlands, in addition to Lilith. This may also explain how she achieved a high ranking in the Crimson Lance and the Atlas Corporation.

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