Claptrap Rescue: Trash Coast

[edit] Claptrap Location

The broken Claptrap in the Trash Coast is located south of the entry point. Turn right after passing the vending machines and head towards the southern part of the map. The Claptrap will be in the first Bandit camp (there will be huts and other spawn points for the bandits, as well as various forms of cover), near a broken washing machine. If you don't spot him at first, you can usually just listen to his grieving to find him.

[edit] Repair Kit Location

Once you've accepted the mission, the waypoint will appear to the east and, upon following it, you may notice that there is nothing there. The repair kit is on top of a pipe, elevated high in the air. You must reach it by following the pipe to a point where you can get atop of it, and walk to the end where the repair kit is. The end of the pipe is most easily accessed by continuing south and hugging the mountain to your right. The path will lead you up a hill where you can jump atop the pipe and walk along it to reach the repair kit.

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