Claptrap Rescue: The Lost Cave

The second Claptrap Rescue Missions is inside The Lost Cave, and this mission isn't nearly as easy as the last. Deep inside the Lost Cave you'll find something that seems to be a Bandit Camp.

You'll have to kill a bunch of bandits in order to reach the broken Claptrap. Once you reach the broken Claptrap, keep on going straight. You'll have to go quite a ways and run into some more Bandits before you can reach the repair kit.

After you've cleared out the Bandits, keep going straight until you find a few chests laying around on a bridge. Near the chests you'll see five pipes laying on top of one another - the Repair Kit will be inside of one of those pipes. Grab it, and head back to the broken Claptrap. Be careful though, the Bandits that were near the Claptrap could have respawned by the time you get back there. Talk to the Claptrap to repair it and claim your reward.

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