Claptrap Rescue: Scrapyard

[edit] Claptrap Location

The broken Claptrap is one of the easier ones to miss, because the player is never actually sent to the area where he is located. In Earl's Scrapyard, there is an enclosed tunnel-like path that branches off of the left of the main trail after Crazy Earl's home. Once down this path, head north. The claptrap is fairly easy to spot in a somewhat open area under a red canopy between two houses after fighting off a wave of Bandits.

[edit] Repair Kit Location

The repair kit can be obtained two ways: You can continue along the path and circle around, or you can hug the right wall off of the area where the Claptrap was found to see an elevated platform with a red chest. If you have the mission as "active" on your mission log, you can just head right for the waypoint. This platform can be reached by jumping up onto the broken refrigerator, then to the vertical aluminum, and up to the top of the pile of debris. If you are having a hard time figuring these jumps out, you can simply continue along the path and get it without jumping up the debris.

[edit] How To Video

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