Claptrap Rescue: Safe House

The broken Claptrap in this mission can be found at the end of a hallway on the ground floor of Sledge's Safehouse. The Claptrap will be down next to a red chest - speak with the Claptrap to trigger the mission. Turn around after talking to it, go back up the stairs, and head toward a ramp. There's a room just south of the ramp with a hole in the floor and a bunch of ventilation shafts, you'll see the Repair Kit on top of one of those ventilation shafts. There should be a crate nearby that you can jump onto to get high enough to reach the Repair Kit.

After you've gotten the Repair Kit, head back down to where the Claptrap was, and speak to it once again to repair it. It will jump up and lead you to a code-locked door, inside of which is another red chest. You'll get 980 XP plus a Backpack SDU for repairing the broken Claptrap.

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