Claptrap Rescue: Krom's Canyon

[edit] Claptrap Location

The Claptrap in Krom's Canyon is located on the eastern half of the map (go right upon first entering). As you fight your way through the Bandits, you will head up a ramp to an elevated area. Once you are on this elevated area, you can continue across a bridge into another bandit ambush. After finishing these bandits, there will be a broken Claptrap near the wall on the right-hand side (facing away from the bridge you came from).

[edit] Repair Kit Location

Accept the mission, and head up the small slope across the claptrap to another bridge, and another wave of bandits. After crossing this bridge, there will be an island/platform with a few boxes and barrels on it directly to your left. You will have to jump to this platform. You will then have to jump again to one of the aluminum-looking platforms branching out of the tower in front of you. Once you've reached this platform, you will be able to reach the repair kit hanging from a rope above the platform.

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