Claptrap Rescue: Crimson Fastness

This Claptrap Rescue Mission can be found near the beginning of the Crimson Fastness area, but you have to take out a turret.

[edit] Objective

Repair Kit 0/1

[edit] Location

Crimson Fastness

[edit] Strategy

Head to Crimson Fastness and you will run into a few Crimson Lance. Take them out and go to the end of the first hallway.

You should run into a turret which will be somewhat of a problem, get back and find cover to take it out safely.

You will see a pile of broken Claptraps, find the one with the mission and go get the Repair Kit. There will be more Crimson Lance on the way there.

Go back and turn in the mission. Follow the newly repaired Claptrap into a smooth way, passing half the level.

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