A Claptrap, or CL4P-TP General Purpose Robot is a small robot comprised of one wheel, body, eye and an antennae. There are many Claptraps throughout the world of Pandora. They are non-playable characters who act as the servants of Pandora. The fyrestone claptrap is the main protagonist of Borderlands: Pre Sequel.

[edit] The Introduction of Claptraps

The first Claptrap you meet is found as soon as you get off the bus and the game starts. He approaches you and hands you an Echo Communication Device and a HUD. This Claptrap introduces new players to the mechanics of the game. After completing the first few quests, Claptrap hangs around at the Bounty Board in Fyrestone.

After you help him he doesn't really serve any purpose other than informing you of new bounties and adding a comical element to the game, often saying things like; "Wow! You're not dead?" and "Unce! Unce! I think I lost the beat... but, Unce! Unce!". Claptrap also makes references to other media such as films and games. For example he makes a reference to The Matrix when he says; "I can see... the code". This is a quote from Neo in the film.

All Claptraps are generally friendly characters who help you throughout the game. Despite their friendly nature they are prone to being used as target practice by [Bandits]], as mentioned by the first Claptrap you meet.

[edit] Fallen Claptraps

Throughout the main storyline, there will be Claptraps scattered throughout the world of Pandora in need of repair. Talking to a fallen Claptrap will trigger a mission in which you must find a repair kit. The repair kit is usually hidden somewhere in the area of the Claptrap you're trying to repair. Once you find the repair kit, you can make your way back to the Claptrap to repair him. Doing so will give you a Backpack SDU which will add three more slots to your inventory, and in addition the Claptrap will lead you to a secret area to find a chest with rare guns in it. There are 10 Claptrap missions in total, see the Claptrap Rescue Missions page for more information.

[edit] Trivia

  • Claptrap is also the Star of a series of Youtube videos behind the scenes of borderlands where he acts like a total power mad movie star to everyone, probably a parody of christian Bale.
  • All Claptraps are voiced by David Eddings, VP of Licensing and Business Development for Gearbox.

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