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Message from mattmanlooloo
Alright, I know that it's not feasibly possible to actually list off all the weapons and their effects, but maybe we should try to get some down. Maybe your preferred weapons, the stats, and a screencap of the statcard or whatever you neoseekers call it. I'm personally playing on the 360, so screencaps aren't really a good idea for me. I just wanted to know what you guys were using, see what higher level weapons, class upgrades and such could have an effect on me when I get there, and all that jazz. Haven't really seen a topic like this, so just wanted to start things going

Nagare 23:39, 11 January 2010 (UTC)
We do not plan on listing all the weapons but only the distinguishably different weapons considering many are simply repeats. Feel free to begin creating pages for them and I can try and acquire screenshots for them from the forum members.