Bosses (Bandits)

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Since this is not in the bandits section the reason for there being too many of them. Bosses of the bandit variety are more challenging than most animal bosses so here they are!

Nine Toes Easy

Bone Head Hard (For the time you get it)

Roid Rage Psycho Medium

Sledge Hard

Mad Mel Very Deadly (If you go into ring)

King Wee Wee Hard

Krom Deadly

Reaver Deadly

Jaynis Kobb Hard

Taylor Kobb Very Deadly

One Eyed Jack Very Hard

Hanz Very Deadly

Franz Very Deadly

Baron Flynt Intense (For if you are a lower level than him by 3)

[edit] 'Almost' Bandits

Doctor Ned Medium (Boss fight follows after which is harder)

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