A bloodwing is a very attractive exotic pet, often wanted by animal trainers. Sadly, these creatures don't take a very high liking in humans, so they often kill their owners. Mordecai is lucky to own a friendly bloodwing, as his is not hostile towards him.

These airborne enemies flock in groups and swoop down to attack. Although easy to kill, bloodwing are hard to locate, especially in the dark. Bloodwing can normally be found on the coast of Jakob's Cove of the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned downloadable content.

Bloodwing is Mordecai's Active Ability. When you activate the ability, Bloodwing shoots out and attacks an enemy in front of you. Before it attacks the enemy, you can call it back using the same command again if you feel it would prove more useful at a different time.

[edit] Mordecai's Bloodwing in Action

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