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[edit] About Angel

The Angel is a mysterious and calm voice which provides guidance thought the game. Her origin is unknown, but a segment of the final cutscene hints that she is actually a satellite orbiting Pandora, though this was later proven to be wrong in Borderlands 2 when it's revealed that Angel is one of the universe's 6 Sirens.

She communicates with the player character(s) through ECHO Communications, pretending to be an Artificial Intelligence for the duration of the first game and up until the defeat of BNK3R, when her status as a Siren is finally revealed.

[edit] Plot

In Borderlands, Angel contacts the player character(s) to get them to look for pieces of the Vault Key to open up the mysterious Vault on the promise of many treasures and fame. It is revealed in Borderlands 2 that this was just a ploy by Handsome Jack of the Hyperion Corporation to rise to power and obtain the Vault Key for his own use.

After being left for dead in Borderlands 2 by Handsome Jack, it is eventually discovered by the Vault Hunters that Angel is being used as a catalyst to charge the Vault Key so that Handsome Jack can awaken a mysterious and powerful creature known as The Warrior to ensure that he has full power and control over all of Pandora.

Angel informs the Vault Hunters that killing her would cease this process and put a complete halt to Handsome Jack's plans. After some interference by Jack and his Hyperion robots, the Vault Hunters are able to kill Angel, but Jack soon kidnaps Lilith to use as a catalyst in Angel's place‚ And she begins screaming for help‚ and the vault hunters later rescue her from jack.

[edit] Notes

- When the ECHO Communications Network is brought offline in the first game, your contact with Angel is cut off. In the beginning of the game, Angel is able to speak with you before you get your ECHO communication device from Claptrap. How she is able to communicate with the Vault Hunters at this time has not been explained.

- Angel is Handsome Jack's daughter.

[edit] Quotes

While dying: "Dad, I have something to tell you... you're an asshole."

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