Active Ability

An Active Ability is a sort of 'power/ability' that each character can use. Each character have their own Active Ability, which can be modified using the skills tree. Each Active Ability has it's own duration and cooldown.

Note that the cooldown of an Active Ability starts once the Active Ability has worn off, not from when it is initiated.


[edit] Skill Trees

Skill trees are used to upgrade your character. Starting from level 5, when you level up, you receive one skill point to spend on new abilities. After spending your first skill point on the character's Active Ability, you have 3 branches of abilities. Each branch has 4 tiers.

  • The first tier is unlocked once you purchase your Active Ability
  • The second tier of a branch is unlocked once you spend 5 points on that branch.
  • The third tier of a branch is unlocked once you spend 10 points on that branch.
  • The fourth tier is unlocked once you spend 15 points on that branch.

[edit] Active Abilities

Below is a description of each character's Active Ability.

An example of Brick's skill tree
An example of Brick's skill tree.

[edit] Brick

Brick's Active Ability is called Berserk. This enables him to enter "Berserk Mode" which rapidly regenerates health. During Berserk mode you can't use any weapons, you can only attack with your fists. Berserk mode also allows Brick to have higher damage resistance.

Using the Skill Tree you can upgrade Berserk so Brick can dash forward to close the gap between him and his enemy.

  • Duration: 18 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 100 Seconds

An example of Lilith's skill tree
An example of Lilith's skill tree.

[edit] Lilith

Lilith's Active Ability is called Phasewalk. Once Lilith enters "Phasewalk Mode" her speed is increased and she becomes invisible, meaning enemies won't attack her. When Lilith enters and exits "Phasewalk Mode" she emits a small blast, similar to the magnitude of a grenade blast. This is called a "Phase Blast". During "Phasewalk Mode" Lilith cannot shoot, jump or collect loot. Performing a melee attack will cause her to exit "Phasewalk Mode".

Using the Skill Tree, you can upgrade Lilith's Active Ability to have additional benefits such as; causing elemental damage to enemies, causing the "Phase Blast" to 'daze' enemies and upgrading her melee attack during "Phasewalk Mode" to deal an additional 800% damage to enemies.

  • Duration: 5.5 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 36 Seconds

An example of Mordecai's skill tree
An example of Mordecai's skill tree.

[edit] Mordecai

Mordecai's Active Ability is called Bloodwing. Upon activating Bloodwing, Mordecai releases his pet hawk, which attacks a single enemy with a powerful attack dealing high damage, then returning to Mordecai to 'cooldown'. When upgraded through the skill tree Mordecai's hawk can be upgraded to make the enemy drop additional money, loot and health. It can also be upgraded to regenerate Mordecai's health for a percentage of the damage dealt and also to attack up to six enemies.

Once released, Mordecai's hawk can be called back by pressing the action button. If the hawk hasn't attacked any enemies there will be a cooldown of 0. If the hawk finds no enemies he will circle above Mordecai's head for a few seconds and then return. In this instance there will also be a cooldown of 0.

The hawk can be used to attack enemies hiding behind cover and can be used as a scout to survey an area for enemies. When upgraded to attack multiple enemies the hawk can potentially attack the same enemy twice if the initial attack didn't kill it. For example if there are three enemies and the hawk is upgraded to attack four times, it can attack each enemy once then attack the first again.

The hawk isn't very effective against boss enemies.

  • Duration: 1 Attack
  • Cooldown: 28 Seconds (0 Seconds if no enemy is attacked)

An example of Roland's skill tree
An example of Roland's skill tree.

[edit] Roland

Roland's Active Ability is called Scorpio Turret. Upon activating Scorpio Turret Roland deploys an automated sentry gun that attacks enemies automatically. The turret also has a shield which can be used as cover. When upgraded, using the Skill Tree, the turret can also replenish health and ammo to Roland and nearby players and revive teammates who are in Fight For Your Life when deployed.

It can also be upgraded to shoot rockets (tier 4, Infantry branch).

[edit] Interactive Skill Trees

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