T.K. Baha

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T.K Baha
Name T.K Baha
Area Arid Badlands

[edit] About T.K Baha

T.K Baha, the blind, redneck of Pandora, gives you various quests and weapons in return for completing them. Most of the quests you get from him will involve going to Skag Gully whether it's hunter and gather or just a straight out fight to the death with an over-sized Skag. You soon find out T.K Baha has been killed by bandits, after speaking with Scooter in New Haven, who sends the player on a quest to "check up" on T.K, only to find him suspended upside down from his ceiling. T.K can later be found as a zombie inhabiting a shack in the south-western end of Hallow's End in The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned expansion, where he tasks the player to collect several hundred brains for him to consume.

[edit] Personality

T.K Baha is a very jokey man, who will make various jokes thoughout your meetings with him. He says 'You should'a seen the look on your face!' after pointing a shotgun at you, despite being blind. Although, being such a comedian, he is a very lonely man who spends his days sitting outside doing nothing. He also hates Skags, and will kill one if he knows it is near by.

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