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Name Zombie
Abilities Melee
Critical Hit Point In the Braaaaaaaains!

Zombies are a new enemy only encountered in the Borderlands DLC 'The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned' originally employees of the Jakobs Corporation, an incident happened which resulted in "97% of the population" turning into the undead. The same outbreak also affected any Raiders that were in the area too.

And if you are wondering the Strength goes like this

Very Easy (Rare)


Normal (Rare)



Very Hard (Rare)


Very Strong


Very Deadly

GTFO (Rare)

GTFO x2 (Rare)

Intense (Rare)

Very Intense (Never Happened Yet)


[edit] Appearance and Abilty

There a many skins of the Zombie enemy, for example, there's a type with a 'beer straw hat' and a regular run of the mill worker type, they all have the same attacks which are generally to rush your position and bite you with little regard to their own health. They also spew a long range acid that can down you or deplete your shield in one go.

[edit] Strategy

Zombies are not very weak at first glance, although susceptible to every form of damage except corrosion they can sponge direct body shots very easily before going down. This can lead to you easily being swamped by a multitude of Zombies and dying very fast. The main rick is to shoot them in the head, this deals critical damage almost 4 times as much as regular damage. Another wise thing to do is use elemental weapons that can set them on fire, or more preferably; using Liliths phoenix ability, use her to run around a group of zombies (stunning them if you want) after killing one normally, this will set them all alight and dispatch of them very easily. It is also smart not to stay in one spot as they sometimes stop to deal deadly acid damage from a distance. And if you can shoot the barrel on the back of a Suicide Zombie and a Tankenstein it will sun Tank or kill him him the Suicide Zombie will just die.

[edit] Zombie Types

Please note that any critical damage hit that kills a zombie will result in dropping a brain except for the Tankenstein and the Loot Goon.

Zombie Easy

Defiler Normal

Torso Easy

Zombie Midget Normal

Psycho Zombie Normal

Tankenstein Very Deadly

Suicide Zombie Deadly

Skelerakk Strong

Corpse Eater Easy

Lance Zombie Strong

Loot Goon Deadly

[edit] Bosses

Franken Bill Very Deadly

Undead Ned Deadly (Probably won't die but has a weird pattern)

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