The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned
XBOX360 Release November 24, 2009
PS3 Release November 24, 2009
PC Release December 9, 2009


[edit] What's new?

This is the first installment of downloadable content for Borderlands, as the name dictates most of the enemies are Zombies, but there are also other including Wereskags, this DLC also includes new quests, items and Achievements/Trophies.

[edit] Plot Summary

The story takes place on an island names Jakobs Cove; Dr. Ned, was in charge of keeping the workers of this island alive, but instead ended up turning them into zombies. The majority of the plot is about finding the previous visitors of this island, and investigating Dr. Ned himself, because Bijan Corporation thought Dr. Ned was up to something suspicious.

[edit] Areas

The area of play is a large area, with smaller areas branching out from the main one. Areas as follows:

[edit] Acievements/Trophies

Icon Name Description Trophy Points
House of the Ned.jpg House of the Ned Completed the House of the Ned mission. Trophy bronze.png 25 Gamerpoints icon.jpg
Jakobs Fodder.jpg Jakobs Fodder Completed the Jakob Fodder mission. Trophy bronze.png 25 Gamerpoints icon.jpg
Night of the Living Ned.jpg Night of the Living Ned Killed Ned....Sort of. Trophy silver.png 1 Gamerpoints icon.jpg
Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!.jpg Braaaaaaaaaaaaains! Completed the Braaaaaaaaaaaaains! mission. Trophy silver.png 25 Gamerpoints icon.jpg
Ned's Undead, Baby.jpg Ned's Undead, Baby Killed Ned. Again. Trophy gold.png 49 Gamerpoints icon.jpg

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