The Next Piece

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Involves killing Krom and getting "The Next Piece".

[edit] Objectives

Krom Killed 0/1

Vault Key Piece 0/1

[edit] Location

In Krom's Canyon

[edit] Strategy

First get as far as you can there driving you will run into some turrets of both kinds. Get behind cover and take them out.

Next there will be some enemies take them out and head closer to the way point then go into Krom's Canyon.

Stock up on ammo or buy stuff and go left (from where you entered Krom's Canyon)

You will run into some enemies take them out and keep going there will be more enemies ignore the ones above just keep going forward. You will get to Krom and really it is up to you what way you they both end up the same place. Oh and kill the enemies they will just kill you while you are trying to kill Krom.

When you get to Krom you can either go up to him or blow up his turret then kill him. He is very easy to kill after out of his turret.

When he is dead open the weapons case then grab the Vault key. and go turn in.

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