The Destroyer

The Destroyer
Name The Destroyer
Area The Vault
Abilities Energy beam, tongue strike, homing projectiles, AoE tentacle slam
Critical Hit Points Eye, Mouth and tongue, purple orbs on tentacles

The Destroyer is the final boss of Borderlands, who emerges from the vault after Commandant Steele uses the Vault Key to open it, killing her in the process.

[edit] Appearance

The Destroyer is a huge monster with many tentacles, one giant eye in the middle, and a large mouth with a long, spiked tongue.

[edit] Strategy

As soon as the battle begins, take cover behind one of the larger pillars and begin taking shots with an accurate weapon at its eye and mouth (weapons with critical hit bonuses are a big help here). If it extends its tongue or begins gathering energy around its eye, get behind cover to avoid the coming attack. Periodically during the battle it will extend additional tentacles with purple orbs in their midsections. Begin firing at the orbs immediately to destroy these tentacles, or else they will begin firing spiked projectiles that home in on the nearest player and can deal significant damage. Destroying these tentacles will also activate on-kill bonuses, as well as reviving you if you are down.

Since the Destroyer is one of the few enemies on which explosives can deal critical hit damage, throwing grenades (especially Mirvs) into its mouth can deal a massive amount of damage. If you can find a good rocket launcher, firing rockets into its eyes will also deal significant damage.

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