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Name Spiderants
Area Rust Commons and Trash Coast
Abilities Either melee, roll into you or shoot their element from their abdomen.
Critical hit point Abdomen

Spiderants are a common bug in Borderlands, they appear first in Rust Commons West.

They have similar tactics to Skags but a new strategy is required to kill them: shoot them in front with a strong weapon, then shoot them in the back. Spiderants almost always are hiding within the ground, unseen to the eye until it is too late. If one is unlucky enough to be driving his vehicle and one pops up under him, it will do a good deal of damage to said vehicle. If one is on their second playthrough, it will destroy the vehicle instantly.

Spiderants take minimal damage to the front, its critical strike point being the thorax on the back of the body. Shooting this will cause the Spiderant to rear back, and works on all forms of the beast. They generally come in groups of 5+ and tend to form in semi-circles or full circles, attempting to get full surrounds on people. Look specifically under small bodies of water and conspicuous patches of dirt.

[edit] Types

[edit] Bosses

Widowmaker Deadly

Helob Deadly

Queen Tarantella Very Deadly

King Aracobb Deadly

Name Strength
Spiderantling Weak
Spiderant Worker Weak
Gyro Spiderant Medium
Spiderant Soldier Strong
Badass Spiderant Zapper Deadly
Badass Spiderant Burner Deadly
Badass Spiderant Corrupter Deadly
Queen Spiderant Strong
King Spiderant Very Strong
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