Sledge: The Mine Key

[edit] Objective

Obtain the Mine Key 0/1

[edit] Location

Southern Arid Badlands.

[edit] Strategy

After accepting the quest, get a runner, and head towards the bandit camp marked on your map. There will be several dozen bandits (bruisers, psychos, and otherwise) already posted outside the main building that you are trying to get to. You can take them out at a distance with the turret on the runner, which is easier, or you can approach it on foot for a bit of fun. As you approach the building, several more bandits will emerge from the front door to the building (you can't enter through this door), as well as the other sides.

Deal with the bandits as you normally would, and take note of the few of them on the roof. They will occasionally shoot at you, especially while fighting enemies on the ground on the right side of the building. You can try to stay behind huts and rocks wihle clearing out this area to avoid getting knocked down by them, as they are very far away, and it will be difficult to get a second wind from them.

After you have cleared out the enemies on the ground, and if you haven't already gotten the enemies on the roof, head to the roof. There is a generator to the left of the door on the right side of the building. You can jump on top of this generator to reach the roof, where there is a red weapon chest, and a large hole to drop into the building. On the table in this building is the key to the mine. Grab the key, and head back to Shep Sanders.

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