Sledge: Battle for the Badlands

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You get the first piece in this mission and is quite tough just to get to the boss.

[edit] Objectives

Sledge Killed 0/1

Eridian Artifact 0/1

[edit] Location

This mission is located in the Headstone Mine.

[edit] Strategy

First go to Titan's End and find the way point open it accept the mission and head inside the Headstone Mine. Ignore the enemies first and head to the Vendors to get your stuff if not just start killing the enemies.

Take the stair and ignore the gate the gate just allows more enemies in. Kill the midgets or what ever appears up there and go into the next room.

Take out the enemies up here with a sniper or kill the person in the turret and take the turret. From there go right and and take out these enemies there will be more when you exit.

Go through the gate and take out the "enemies here". keep going until you find a train track jump off the train tracks and head forward you may take out the minions. Keep going and kill the bandits head into the elevator and go up.

There is more ammo and such so stock up you are about to fight Sledge

Doesn't matter which way you go so just go in. Sledge will appear take out his minions and start killing him FAST his shield is strong and regenerates quick use your surrounding as an advantage.

Take the Fragment and you will get a message from Commandant Steele go outside and head to go turn it in.

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