Name Skag
Area Majority of Pandora
Abilities Mostly a bite, but elemental ones disperse their element from their mouths.
Critical Hit Point Mouth

Skag' are the most common creature on Pandora. They have a dog-like body, with strong iron armor. They are quite aggressive and will attack on sight, even if unprovoked. The best strategy to take down a Skag is to shoot it in the mouth when it is lunging forward and/or howling. Skags also are very instinctual and work together, even though it may not seem so. Many have met their demise by being overwhelmed by Skag's leaping at them repeatedly from all directions. Aside from shooting them in the side, the best way to beat a Skag is to stay as mobile as possible and try to make them leap behind you and miss, then shoot them in the back quick or shoot them as they are sprinting at you. Although Skags seem insane and rabid, some Midget Psycho's manage to tame them and ride them as shown in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC.

Skags are the easiest way to get the Get A Little Blood on the Tires and the My Brother is an Italian Plumber achievements.

[edit] Types

Name Strength
Skag Pup Weak
Skag Whelp Weak
Spitter Skag Medium
Adult Skag Medium
Elder Skag Strong
Alpha Skag Very Strong
Badass Skag Very Strong
Badass Fire Skag Deadly
Badass Shock Skag Deadly
Badass Corrosive Skag Deadly
Badass Shock Alpha Skag Very Deadly
Badass Fire Alpha Skag Very Deadly
Badass Corrosive Alpha Skag Very Deadly

In Playthrough 2.5 Superbad will sometimes be Asskicking watch out for these they will kill you in a few hits at even level 50

[edit] Boss Skags

A skag pouncing at an unseen character
Name Element Strength
Moe Fire Deadly
Marley Shock Deadly
Scar No Element Very Strong
Skagzilla No Element Deadly
Pinky No Element Very Strong
Digit No Element Very Strong
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