Name Scooter
Gender Male
Race Human

[edit] About Scooter

Scooter is the owner of the various Catch-A-Ride stations throughout Pandora, as well as a garage of sorts in New Haven where he services and builds the Outrunners that the player uses. He is identifiable by his southern accent over the radio when visiting any Catch-A-Ride station, making him one of the most recognizable voices in the game. He is a good friend of T.K. Baha, and he has a grudge against Arid Badlands inhabitant, Lucky, for ruining his mother's "girl parts". He tends to favor his work over other issues as he gets angry when he hears his runners are being destroyed, yet he shows little interest in learning his friend, T.K, has been killed, only regretting that he never got back the tools which he let T.K borrow, and even footing the player with the would-be funeral costs.

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