Rakk Hive

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Rakk Hive
Area Trash Coast
Abilities Spawn Rakk, Stomp and spit balls whichdispurse poisonous gas.
Critical Hit Point Eyes

[edit] About The Rakk Hive

The Rakk Hive is located at Trash Coast and is one of the biggest bosses in the game. It is a living hive with Rakk living inside it, when you fight it, it will spawn Rakk from it's back to hurt you, it also tries to stomp on you and shoot green balls from it's mouth, which explode into poisonous smoke on contact with the ground. The Rakk Hive takes a rather long time to take down, having so much health. The quickest way to take this beast down is with a good machine gun, and shoot the eyes as much as possible and take out the Rakk when they spawn.

A good strategy for roland is to spawn your turret to deal with the rakk while you focus on the rakk hive

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