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Name Rakk
Area Arid Badlands and Trash Coast
Abilities Fly into you, Kamikaze Rakk has the ability to explode on contact with you, and Mothrakk and Rakkinishu shoot fireballs.
Critical Hit Point N/A

Rakk are the type of bird on Pandora they are similar to Mordecai's pet Bloodwing except a lot bigger.

[edit] Types

Name Strength
Rakk Weak
Feeder Rakk Weak
Bloated Rakk Medium
Defender Rakk Strong (Encountered during the Rakk Hive fight)
Kamikaze Rakk Strong (Encountered during the Rakk Hive fight)
Badass Rakk Very Strong (Of any element no regular Badass Rakk)
Mothrakk Deadly - Boss
Rakkinishu Deadly - Boss

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