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'Welcome to Pandora' sign

Pandora is the name of the planet in which Borderlands takes place. The day on Pandora is 90 hours long, and it takes 10 Earth years to orbit it's sun.

[edit] Information about Pandora

As stated above, a day on Pandora lasts 90 hours, and it takes ten years to orbit the sun. There is also one moon that is always visible from the planet. During a period of hibernation, many humans began settling into the land - before seven years later, the weather and climate began to warm up and the creatures awoke and took back their land. Since then, the creatures have all been hostile to the humans that come to the planet. This is why almost all creatures will attack on sight.

The only reason people go there is to find the 'treasure', hidden in the vault - believed to contain fame, power, money, woman and alien technology.

Pandora is usually open, sandy terrain with gorges and canyons - however, there are snowy mountains that can be found.

[edit] Locations

Areas Settlements
Arid Badlands Fyrestone
Dahl Headlands New Haven
Rust Commons East Old Haven
Rust Commons West Jaynistown
Salt Flats
The Descent
The Erdidian Promontory

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