Paid in Fyrestone

Paid in Fyrestone
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On Neoseeker Paid in Fyrestone

Complete 5 missions in the Arid Badlands


[edit] How To

Due to the Arid Badlands containing the introductory area, Fyrestone, this achievement is rather easy to achieve. For missions, talk to Dr. Zed, T.K. Baha, Scooter, or Shep Sanders. You can also visit the local Bounty Board.

[edit] Possible Missions

[edit] Fyrestone

The missions listed below are in the Fyrestone area and should be straight forward making this achievement easy.

[edit] Specific Characters

These are missions/quests provided by specific characters in the Arid Badlands region. Some may be repeats from above.

[edit] T.K. Baha

[edit] Scooter

[edit] Shep Sanders

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