Nine Toes

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Nine Toes
Name Nine Toes
Area Skag Gully
Abilities Dangerous Melee, Shoot and summon his pets Pinky and Digit.
Critical Hit Point Head

Nine toes is the first real boss in the game. The player is sent to kill Nine Toes, at his headquarters in Skag Gully, by T.K Baha.

[edit] Strategy

Before fighting Nine Toes, it is a good idea to be at least level 5, so you can use your action skill on him.

With Lilith, Roland, and Brick, Nine Toes shouldn't be much of a problem. Ignore his dogs/skags at first, if possible, and try to focus him down as quickly as you can. His pets have far more defense, and health than he does, and focusing on them will simply give Nine Toes more time to damage you with his considerably powerful (for the area of the game) incendiary pistol.

With Lilith, simple phasewalk behind Nine Toes, melee attack him, and then finish him with your SMG. Use the same strategy with Brick -- simply rush him with Berserk. He should drop pretty quickly. Afterwards, backpeddle away from his pets, while waiting for them to open their mouths (their weak spot) to shoot them. They will fight like any other skag, and they can be defeated with the same strategy as a normal skag - they simply take a bit longer to take down.

With Roland, simply drop your turret when his pets arrive, and focus Nine Toes. He shouldn't be much of a problem here, either.

Mordecai can have a bit of trouble with Nine toes, mostly because he has to deal with tough close range enemies (Pinky and Digit), while specializing in long range weapons. You should be able to drop Nine toes easily with a couple critical shots from your rifle. After you drop him, head to his body to pick up his weapon, The Clipper. This weapon is very strong for this area of the game, and it has an amazing firing rate. You can use this newly-acquired weapon to take out Pinky and Digit by shooting them in the mouth, or simply dumping your ammunition onto them anywhere. Either way, they should go down easily now.

[edit] Trivia

Nine Toes drops a weapon called "The Clipper"

Nine Toes has "The Vault" painted of his mask

Nine Toes could be a reference to a person in Mad Max called "The Toe Cutter"

There is also a minor character in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind called Nine-Toes Habasi.

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