Made in Fyrestone

Made in Fyrestone
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On Neoseeker Made in Fyrestone

Complete all missions in the Arid Badlands


[edit] How To

This achievement is automatically unlocked when the second playthrough is started.

[edit] Mission List

This list was organized according to game progression. [1]

[edit] Tutorial and Nine-toes Missions

Assorted missions from Dr. Zed, T.K. Baha, and the Guardian Angel.

[edit] Catch A Ride Missions

See Scooter.

[edit] Shep Sanders

See Shep Sanders.

[edit] T.K Baha Side Missions

See T.K. Baha.

[edit] Fyrestone Bounty Board

[edit] Circle of Death

See Rade Zayben.

[edit] References


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