Mad Mel

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Mad Mel is a character you are assigned to kill in Borderlands. He is a Bandit boss (the leader of the Bandits in the Dahl Headlands that you have to kill to advance the story.)

[edit] Mad Mel

Mad Mel is the leader of the bandits in the Dahl Headlands and is blocking the route of Scooter's fast travel network. Lucky assigns you to kill him. He is found in New Haven and you cannot pass through towards New Haven until you kill him.

[edit] Method

I found Mad Mel very difficult to kill at first, however, with a little practice it's easy. The easiest rule: Don't go into the ring. At least not in Single Player. If you have three or four people, go for it - if you want to. How I did it was to wait on the ramp before entering the ring (if you go over the ramp, the only way you can get back is via dying) and sniped his car. He is, generally, too powerful to take down in Single Player using a car - simply use a sniper rifle and/or rocket launcher and take him down. It should take a while.

NOTE: If you are Soldier Class, do not use the turret. They'll just throw grenades at it and explode it, damaging you greatly.

[edit] Trivia

His name probably refers to a mixup of Mel Gibson and Mad Max.

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