Like a Moth to a Flame

This mission is pretty hard you light the torches and face Mothrakk who is easy if you have the right equipment.

Oh and I will mention you can go under the Catch-A-Ride station but it is cheap.


Torch 1 lit 0/1

Torch 2 lit 0/1

Torch 3 lit 0/1

Mothrakk killed 0/1


The best thing to have is a flame resistant shield and a sniper rifle or SMG.

Go light the torches Mothrakk will not swoop down at you instead he will shoot down fireballs in a pattern of 3.

Every time he shoot 3 he will stop trying to hurt you for a moment take this to shoot him.

And take advantage of you action skill well everyone except Brick.

Lilith can heal in Phasewalk.

Mordecai can use his bird to do damage.

and Solider can use his turret to heal.

Also leave the other Rakk alone if you die use them as something to live with second wind.

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