GGN Old Sniper

When you play as Mordecai, this is the gun you start off with after Claptrap has given you the Echo Communication Device, which enables your HUD.

GGN Old Sniper
Name GGN Old Sniper
Manufacturer Jakobs
Damage 26
Accuracy 95.7
Fire Rate .0.5
Special Abilities -10% Damage, +200% Critical Hit damage, 1.0 X Weapon Zoom
Value $47

[edit] Description

The weapon is a very basic weapon with very low stats. After searching the initial area the player will find 2 guns, on top of the hotel, which are slightly more powerful and valuable. This gun should be held to take out the first few bandits then sold at the vendor in Fyrestone, after T.K Baha's quest to purchase grenades.

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