Crimson Lance

Crimson Lance
Name Crimson Lance
Area Old Haven, Eridian Promonotory, Crimson Fastness,Salt Flats and the Crimson Encalve.
Abilities Block bullets and melee with a shield, Shoot and use a Turret, the same as Roland's, but with a red shield.
Critical Hit Point Head

[edit] About Crimson Lance

Crimson Lance are a private army of Commandant Steele, they wear big, black armour and are hard to kill. They only have one thing to do and that is to get to the Vault and kill anyone or anything that gets in their way. Their weekness is Corrosive damage, which corrodes their armour. They usually drop Shields, SMGs and Assault Rifles, mostly Corrosive.


Lance Infantry Strong

Lance Defender Strong

Lance Engineer Very Strong

Badass Infantry Deadly

Badass Defender Deadly

Badass Engineer Very Deadly


Lance Royal Guards Very Strong

Master McCloud Very Deadly

General Knoxx GTFO x2

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